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On June 9, Join TL Insider as we host Anita Sedgwick, Founder and CEO of Shift Dating to discuss how to master the virtual dating scene in the wake of COVID-19. 

Anita Sedgwick comes from a world where innovation, transformation and go-to-market are a day to day part of her life. 

She's helped sizable organizations develop and launch products to help solve some of the most complex customer challenges. Over the years, she kept hearing shocking stories associated with the incredible challenge of online dating. The reality is that it's become daunting, overwhelming, and ultimately crushing for many. She saw first-hand how users decrease the use of their cognitive resources, and they are increasingly distracted with irrelevant information. The result is that users can't adequately eliminate inferior options. In short, online dating has become Amazon …ified.

She decided it was time to leverage her skills in product development, research, and data to provide a unique solution. Anita saw that this was a problem that was bigger than merely holding someone's hand through their dating journey. If you're going to work with apps, then you need a more robust, data and insights-driven approach.

Queue Shift Dating. Anita developed a model that is proven out day after day. Shift Dating is carefully designed to help people effectively work through the biased algorithms, the nuances of a well-structured bio, and leverage best practices to prompt great conversations. Her team gets clients the dates they've always wanted. Her transparent yet effective approach to solve for this very real challenge works. Clients love the results. They especially appreciate that her team is committed to getting them out on some of the best dates they've ever had.

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