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With more time being spent at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to hone your bartending skills and try out a new cocktail. And since we can’t go to the bar, we’ll bring the bartender to you. Serving up a MARTINI® Fiero Spritz, a bittersweet, citrus-forward cocktail, globally acclaimed mixologist and TL Insider’s bartender-in-residence Evelyn Chick will host this exclusive virtual masterclass on #FieroFriday. With expert tips and instruction, she’ll show you how to add some natural glow to your golden hour with the MARTINI Fiero Spritz and its 100% natural flavour, and more. Plus, special guest Eron Novalski, partner and executive chef at NOCE, will share some classic Italian food pairings to tastefully complement your aperitivo.

How it works:

Fiero Spritz Kit includes: 

Other cocktails being demonstrated: 

Firebird Collins
Flavours of orange, stone fruits and figs paired with rich herbs.
  • 1.5oz Martini Fiero
  • 1 teaspoon Fig Jam (can be substituted with any types of berry jam) 
  • 0.5oz Lemon
  • 2 drops Bittered Sling Plum & Rootbeer Bitters (can be substituted with angostura, aromatic or orange bitters)
  • Topped with Soda
  • Garnished with Fig and Thyme Sprigs (can be substituted with an orange peel)
Dreamland Punch
Subtly floral and bright flavours that can be scaled up as a family sized serve or singular portion—a delightful aperitif to any virtual or in person get together
  • 1oz Martini Fiero
  • 1oz Martini Dry
  • 0.5oz Honey
  • 0.5oz Lemon
  • 2oz Chamomile Tea (can be substituted with another floral, herbal tea)
  • 2oz Sparkling Wine
  • Garnish with Lemon Wheels and Edible Flowers (optional) 
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