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Event Summary


TL Insider is excited to introduce our members to Rochelle Desouza, a Business Graduate turned Pastry Chef and the face behind Pretty Little Layers.

With Pretty Little Layers, Rochelle wants to continue to spread joy in Toronto by giving people a taste of French desserts, especially during these challenging COVID times!

Event Details


Join Rochelle at 5 pm on May 13, as she shares her passion and love for the art of French desserts. Attendees will experience an introductory session into creating Entremets – which is essentially a Mousse-based, multi-layered dessert.  Rochelle will walk you through the process, provide tips and answer your questions along the way.  

While Rochelle was in university in Mumbai, she would bake for friends and family. The joy she felt when seeing the smiles on their faces was the realization Rochelle needed to pursue her passion further. After moving to Canada, Rochelle studied at her dream school – Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. Although this is an unconventional career choice especially for women in India, Rochelle chased her dreams and made it a reality. After graduating, Rochelle worked at Alo, Canada’s No. 1 Restaurant, until Covid hit. Rochelle turned an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to start her own small business in Toronto. That is how Pretty Little Layers was born.

How it works: 

Rochelle Desouza, a Business Graduate turned Pastry Chef and the face behind Pretty Little Layers will host this virtual baking demonstration, with participants following along, filling everyone in on the history and techniques used to create this beautiful French dessert. In this class, Rochelle will show the TL Insiders how to build an Entremet (which will then go into the freezer). Following that portion of the class, Rochelle will demonstrate the process of Mirror Glazing.

Rochelle will demonstrate step by step, sharing in an online community experience and answering any questions you may have along the way.  

Event Details: 


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