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TL Insider: An exclusive Éclair Workshop at Nügateau Café!

Indulge in the world of French gourmet pastries with an exclusive éclair decorating class, presented by Nügateau Café, renowned for its artisanal touch in the art of patisserie. This private event, reserved for our valued TL Insider members, promises an evening of culinary elegance, creativity, and fun.

Join us on Wednesday March 13, 2024 at Nügateau Café and immerse yourself in a hands-on workshop designed to elevate your pastry skills and tantalize your taste buds.

Executive Pastry Chef Atul will guide you through the delicate process of crafting the perfect éclair. Each guest will learn how to pipe the perfect éclair and decorate it choosing from a variety of delicious fillings, glazes, and toppings.

As you master the art of éclair decoration, bites from Nügateau’s savory menu will be available as well as specialty coffee and non alcoholic beverages. 

Join us at Nügateau Café for an evening where each bite and sip tells a story of elegance and indulgence.

"I am thrilled to share the delicate art of éclair decoration, an experience that goes beyond mere baking—it's a dance of flavors, textures, and creativity." - Executive Pastry Chef Atul Palghamad

Event Details:

General Terms

If you have any questions about this experience, please email

Refund Policy

We accept refunds up to 48 hours in advance of the event.

Age Restriction
This is a 19+ event.  Please have ID present on-site.
Please drink responsibly.