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Event Summary


Don't miss THE SEAGULL, premiering May 12 as part of Soulpepper's Around the World in 80 Plays


Event Details

As part of Soulpepper Theatre Company's Around the World in 80 PlaysTL Insider is presenting unique virtual offerings to members over the course of the next two months. Around the World in 80 Plays presents eight audio dramas celebrating the global ‘canon’, with works from RussiaIndiaArgentina,  JamaicaIranNigeriaItaly, and Canada. Don’t miss some of the world’s greatest stories, performed by Canada’s leading theatre artists, and produced by award-winning audio producer Gregory Sinclair (CBC Radio, Audible).  

To celebrate the premiere of THE SEAGULL, on May 12, you're invited to a virtual Russian Cocktail Masterclass with bar and beverage expert Evelyn Chick. During the session, Evelyn will walk through three classic cocktail recipes famous with Russian vodka but providing her own twist with easy to find ingredients at home. 


1) Classic Moscow Mule + Twists

Tools: measuring jigger (or tablespoon), mixing spoon (or chopsticks), lots of ice, mule cup ( or rocks glass)

2) Classic White Russian with a Twist

Tools: Rocks glass, measuring jigger, measuring jigger (or tablespoon), mixing spoon (or chopsticks), lots of ice

3) Martini a la Kvass (rye bread ferment) 

Tools: Martini glass (or cocktail glass), measuring jigger, measuring jigger (or tablespoon), mixing spoon (or chopsticks), lots of ice

How it works: 

  1. Register for the virtual cocktail class through the link below, and purchase your 'Around The World Passport' for 25% off here. Your passport will grant you access to THE SEAGULL as well as 7 other audio dramas for you to enjoy! 
  2. Purchase the ingredients listed above and make note of the tools needed for each recipe.
  3. Follow along as Evelyn Chick leads a step-by-step cocktail demonstration on May 12, 5 p.m. 
  4. Make sure to stream THE SEAGULL on May 12, while enjoying the cocktails you created! Once you have purchased your Passport at the exclusive TL Insider rate, you will receive an email on May 12 with a link to log into your account and listen to the play through your computer or device. If you wish to purchase a single destination ticket exclusively for THE SEAGULL, you can do so at a PWYC rate here
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