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Cheese Boutique is celebrating 53 years!

Join us for a very special and exclusive after hours experience for TL Insider at the Cheese Boutique hosted by Afrim Pristine 

To kick off the holiday season, we're bringing back our TL Insider end-of-year event at Cheese Boutique.

Cheese Master Afrim Pristine will once again dazzle you with the world's best cheeses and cured meats, and a Mediterranean inspired menu. 

What can TL Insiders expect?

An after-hours food station event, including five interactive food stations, as well as a wine bar and a shopping experience. And for dessert TL Insiders can visit the CB Bottega for coffee and pastry. 

About the host

Afrim Pristine, Maître fromager (cheese master) 
Afrim Pristine is Canada's premier cheese expert and owner of Cheese Boutique, with over 25 years of experience in the art of cheesemaking. From studying with some of the world's greatest cheesemakers like Luigi Guffanti, Stefano Sarti, Carl Schilt and Jean-Paul Morin as well as hands-on training from his father and the world's most renowned dairy farms, Afrim's passion and commitment stem from his father and family business of 48 years, Cheese Boutique. Afrim's first cookbook and bestseller, For the Love of Cheese, is available at your local bookstore. And he's best known as the host of the hit series on Food Network, Cheese, a love story.


About your safety

In alignment with recommendations by the Province, we’ll be imposing stringent sanitation and safety measures. We kindly ask you to abide by the following protocols when dining with us:

1) Sanitize your hands upon entry to the venue
2) Sanitize your hands when using the washroom


General Terms

If you have any questions about this patio experience, please email [email protected]

Refund Policy

We accept refunds up to 48 hours in advance of the event.